How To Target Business Owners On Facebook

Christina Jones, Boss Lady, Blacktype Digital

29 April 2017

Are you trying to target business owners in a particular industry via Facebook Ads? ┬áMaybe you’re trying to reach garage owners or get in front of hairdressers?

Here’s 3 tips to help you do just that.


Video Transcript

Another great question landed in my inbox last night, and this is from a client who is trying to use Facebook adverts to find more sales agents for their business. This is quite a tricky Facebook ad targeting problem. I know that a lot of you might be trying to do the same thing because you’re trying to specifically target businesses within a particular niche. You might be trying to reach out to garage owners. It might be that you’re trying to find professional writers.

You can certainly get halfway there with Facebook. You can target people who are interested in cars. You can target people who are interested in horses. You can target people who are interested in hairdressing. What’s difficult to distinguish is whether they’re a consumer, so they’re someone who likes cars rather than someone who’s actually in business. This where you have to think a little bit laterally.

My first tip would be to try targeting page admins in the kind of niche you’re trying to reach. If someone’s a page admin, it means, by default, they’ve got a Facebook page. That page isn’t necessarily business. It could be for their kid’s school PTA. It might be because they’ve got a personal blog, but it’s a good start. Include page admins as part of your Facebook ad interest targeting.

My second tip is then to try and think of interests that are specific to professionals. Now, this might be because there are products they use that aren’t available to the general public. Again, thinking of hairdressing, there are certain brands that are only sold through salons, so they’d be good to include as an interest targeting if you can. Also, have a think about trade associations. Lots and lots of industries have got trade associations, which by definition, if you’re a member of the trade association, you are in business in that industry. Include those in your Facebook ad interest targeting. The problems with this is that often these associations, professional brands, etc. aren’t always big enough to be included directly in like targeting, so it won’t work 100% of the time, but give it a try.

Then the third option is actually a little bit old school, and it’s trying to bring word of mouth marketing, but putting some internet tech behind it. As business owners, we tend to know lots of business owners in our sector or our niche, whatever you want to call it, so I would also run a Facebook ad that was designed specifically to encourage referrals, tags, etc. You might need to put a bit of incentive behind it, either a prize, cash etc. It really depends on how much that referral is worth to you, but those are three ways to try and use Facebook adverts to target specific groups of businesses or people working in a specific business category.

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