Selling Event Tickets Online In 2017

Christina Jones, Boss Lady, Blacktype Digital

31 July 2017

Are you trying to sell more tickets online for your live event? Unsure if your marketing is working? Wondering how your performance stacks up against your competitors?

Unless you have access to their ticketing data & website analytics it’s almost impossible to know what everyone else is doing. So we’ve rounded up a selection of the key statistics from the leading ticketing & advertising platforms.

These were last updated in July 2017.

  • The average purchase is 2.5 tickets per order ( Source: Ticketquarter)
  • The average ecommerce conversion rate for ticketing sites is 1-2% (Google Partners)
  • People are 80% more likely to buy tickets through retargeting than through a normal Facebook ad campaign (Eventbrite)
  • Clicks on a retargeting advert are on average only 43% of the cost of a regular Facebook ad click (Eventbrite)
  • Retargeting people who are already interested in your event are 70% more likely to buy tickets (Eventbrite)

In the past 12 months we have facilitated digital advertising campaigns across Facebook, Youtube, Google & Twitter for 11 different live sporting events and in our experience from work live in the field, these benchmarks are an accurate reflection of selling event tickets online.

Accurate conversion tracking & remarketing advertising are crucial for a successful digital ticket selling campaign.

If you’d like some help with marketing your event online, get in touch today.

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