The Team

Your digital marketing dream team:


Christina is the founder & managing director at Blacktype Digital.  A life long equestrian, she’s been involved in digital marketing since 2001.  She’s a Google Adwords qualified professional and one of the first in the world to hold the new Certified Digital Marketing Professional award

More important than paper qualifications though is her depth of experience at running profitable digital campaigns in B2B & B2C environments across a wide range of sectors, not just equestrian.  With 4 ecommerce stores of her own that act as digital test labs for the latest technology & strategies, she’s hard to beat when it comes to technical & practical experience.

Her favourite thing of all is retargeting advertising, but be warned that if you ask her about it, you might want to grab a coffee first…


Alice has recently graduated with a Marketing Degree, and worked her way up from our internship program to become a full time employee. She currently focuses on graphic design and the many different social media profiles as well as building websites for various clients. She is Google Adwords qualified, and also holds a number of Digital Marketer qualifications. When not at work, Alice enjoys walking her cockerjack puppy as well as riding young Cleveland Bays out around the Bristol countryside.


Sandy brings over 20 years experience of commercial PR and marketing in the vet/pet industry, equestrian sport, travel and other businesses to the table. Her wide-ranging consultancy experience also includes hospitality and event management. As well as the veterinary industry, previous clients have also come from a wide range of other industries including horse sports and the education and training and food/drink sectors. Sandy is also a regular freelance contributor to Archant Publications’ Wiltshire Magazine.


Debra has a wealth of promotional experience working in equestrian sport, particularly, but not exclusively in the world of show jumping, where she started her professional equestrian career with British Showjumping, the governing body of the sport in the UK. She’s worked for the past 17 years as a freelance consultant across Equestrian PR, communications and marketing.


Emma has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise under her belt. She holds a degree in Business and a Masters of Science in Marketing.  She also has 20 years experience in a variety of industries; she’s worked in retail, as a sales manager, a market researcher, in the agricultural and bloodstock industry and in the warehouse & logistics industry. Her particular area of expertise is Consumer Psychology and identifying what makes people want to buy from you.

Emma is also a Mum to five year old Olivia, and is a consummate horse & animal lover. Emma lives in a gorgeous rural setting in Ireland, next to a lake where she spends quality time with her family & horses.

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