A Guide To Ecommerce Remarketing

by | Mar 10, 2017

A typical ecommerce store sees a conversion rate of around 2% – that means that 98 out of every 100 people who visit your store leave without buying anything. Combine that with the scary statistic that 70% of people who add things to the shopping cart never complete their purchase & it’s clear that there’s a lot of wasted revenue slipping through your fingers.

People don’t buy for a number of reasons including:

  • They get distracted before they can complete a purchase. Perhaps they are browsing on the commute to work & the train pulls into the station so the phone is put back in the bag or pocket & the shopping forgotten about.
  • Perhaps they are early in the buying cycle & researching what the best product for them is, so are in window shopping mode.
  • Maybe they’ve decided to buy but are shopping around to see which retailer offers the best deals.
  • They might be waiting for payday to make a big purchase!

In all the above scenarios, these people are still interested in buying from you but will need some reminding to keep your store top of mind when they are in a position to place that order.

So how on earth do you do this if you’ve got no contact details for them? Step forward ecommerce remarketing advertising!

In a nutshell, when a customer visits your store, you can trigger a small piece of code being placed on their browser. Then as that customer leaves your website & navigates elsewhere around the web, you can show them highly targeted advertising.

You can also upload your email database & customer phone numbers on several platforms to target people even more precisely.


The good news is that you can remarket across a huge section of the internet!

The ad platform most people are familiar with is Facebook and this allows retargeting by the creation of website custom audiences.

You can also leverage remarketing through several other traffic sources including:

Pinterest – the ability to remarket to Pinterest users is brand new, only rolling out in June 2016, but with Pinterest being such a powerful platform for sending traffic that buy, it’s a really exciting development.

Google – you can remarket via the Google Adwords platform but you’re not just limited to showing your ads on the Google sites because Google has teamed up with over 2 million other website owners including major media sources such as national papers including Mail Online, The Daily Telegraph & the New York Post. Your retargeting ads can be shown across major publications for a fraction of the cost of booking the ads directly with the publication.

Youtube – show video adverts to people who’ve visited your site to keep front of mind. Video is great as it allows you to explain a product or service in much more detail than a text based ad. You can also remarket the other way & show Google Ads to people who’ve watched videos on your Youtube channel.

Instagram – remarketing via Instagram is super easy to do if you’re already running Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Twitter – yet another platform that can show remarketing ads for you.

So now that you’re a bit clearer about the places you can remarket, what sort of ads can you run? It depends a bit on the specific ad platform that you’re using, but the possibilities are endless. Here are some campaign ideas to start you off

  • Show a coupon code to someone who added a product to their shopping cart 5 days ago but hasn’t completed the sale.
  • Upload a list of your best customers & show them your newest product range before it’s publically available.
  • When someone looks at 3 product pages on your store & then leaves, show them ads featuring those precise products

There are an almost infinite number of campaign ideas you can run but I hope you’re starting to see the potential of remarketing advertising. If you’re not using it, I’d encourage you to get started asap & see the overall return on investment on your marketing soar now that 98% of your potential customers aren’t walking away from you for evermore!

If you’ve got any questions about using remarketing in your ecommerce business, pop them in the comments below.


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